5 Things to know before Planning for Pregnancy

Before we start, let’s understand how most of the couples in India plan their first child.

What does Statistics tell us?

Statistics tell us that 10 million marriages happen in India every year. Most marriages happen between June and October which peaks towards winter months. Interestingly the childbirth data shows that most deliveries happen between August to November with the highest being in September.

Birth and Marriage statistics clearly indicates that most couples marry and immediately start a family.

Families spend 6 to 9 months to plan for marriage but a couple hardly spends any time to plan for a child.

It is a must for a couple to take time and plan for parenthood in an effective way.

Why Plan for Parenthood?

The beginning of pregnancy is the start of a journey. The 2 years starting pregnancy is extremely critical and strenuous.

A wannabe mother has to adjust her health, fitness, career, and lifestyle around it. The wannabe father should also change their lifestyle.

Shouldn’t a couple plan for such a change?

A pregnancy planner is a must!

What needs to be Planned?

1. Health

WannabeParents HealthWe are listing the main items that need to be planned as part of a Pregnancy guide.

Healthy Pregnancy is the primary objective. You need to check is to see if the wannabe mother’s body is in a position to handle the journey. It typically starts with a health check for both wannabe mother and father.

Some couples visit a Gynaecologist to get a suggestion and some short counseling on do’s and don’ts.

2.Fitness & Nutrition

No one starts by saying I am healthy and fit. Let’s Go!

Fitness Habits and schedules have to be planned and practiced before a couple plans for a baby. Mother’s body has to be strong to handle the demands of pregnancy.

Specific light to medium Exercises and balanced nutrition plan is to be customized and created for wannabe mother.


Wannabe Parents Career

A working wannabe mother has to plan 2 years ahead before she considers pregnancy. This includes 2 appraisal cycles, travel, promotions and handling work expectations. Most women fail to think ahead and plan. They also need to know the details of HR policy and Maternity plan and policy.


4.Mental Wellbeing & Lifestyle Changes

Go for movies in the theatre, travel by bus, eating roadside snacks. All these desires of a wannabe mother will be constrained post pregnancy. So as a couple go for movies and plan to complete some bucket list items before you welcome a new member into your family.

A home environment needs to be planned. Couples staying in a joint family needs a different approach Vs couples staying alone.

Wannabe Dad’s needs a guide to pregnancy. They need to know and understand the physical, emotional states of their wives as they go through various stages of pregnancy.

5.Financial Planning

A visit of a Gynaecologist would cost anywhere between Rs.500-Rs.2000. Apart from this, there are scans, medicines, hospital fees that need to be planned for. Does the Mediclaim insurance cover the basic costs of pregnancy? These need to be checked and planned for.



About Wannabe Parents

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