Is Fitness Tracker recommended during Pregnancy?

Fitness Tracker and Pregnancy

To all Wannabe Mothers and Going to be Mothers,

If you have a question about Fitness Trackers and their role during pregnancy. Look no further!

Straight to answer.

Should I use a fitness Tracker during Pregnancy?

Yes, if you have already used it 6 months before pregnancy

No, if you are trying it for the first time.

For the Uninitiated, a Fitness Tracker or Activity Tracker or Wearable is simply a band around your wrist helps you keep track of all vital Externally measured health indicators like Heart Rate, Steps Taken, Sleep Pattern etc.

Yes, You can use a Fitness Tracker if…

  • You are already familiar with what a fitness tracker does
  • You know about the data/information it throws
  • You know how to interpret the data and make changes in lifestyle or activities eg: Read about a Mothers journey with FitBit here

No, You don’t use a Fitness Tracker if…

  • You are using it for the first time to track health indicators
  • You might be overwhelmed with some data points that could distract you
  • You might be more stressed for lack of progress
  • You might be looking at data that does not consider your Pregnancy changes


If you are a Wannabe Mother?

Fitness Trackers for WomenFitness Tracker keeps you on track for your pre-conception fitness goals. If you are aiming to take 12,000 steps a day. You can measure it!  If you aim to sleep for 8 Hours a day. Your fitness tracker tells you. As a Wannabe Mother who is on her path to fitness and conception, you can use Fitness tracker with more effectiveness for your Fitness goals.


Can extra information be overwhelming?

Yes, sometimes unnecessary information is dangerous. Let me share you my pregnancy journey incident.

The Curious Case of Missing Left Hand Phobia

When I was pregnant, my colleague narrated to me an incident during an anomaly scan about how a couple missed a major anomaly of a “Missing Left hand” for their child.

While you are pregnant, you are most sensitive to anything and everything!

So, guess what I did when we had our anomaly scan?

I was insisting that the Radiologist show me my child’s left hand! That’s how conscious you become when you are pregnant.

So be aware of the information that you are exposed to during pregnancy. It can affect you psychologically if not physically.

Our Conclusion

Fitness Trackers if used properly can be a boon, or a bane if used without proper preparation.


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