Surprise Your Wife By Being Prepared

Guide for
Pregnancy Planning

1st Time in INDIA.  Desgined by Doctors and Experts.

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Be Ready. Be Prepared. Be Knowledgable

Plan your Life around the 5 Pillars of Pregnancy Planning and Become the BEST Equipped Husband ever!

Your Wife will appreciate your insights on Pregnancy. Take away all Anxiety and Enjoy the Journey

Step by Step Guidance with Checklists, Quizzes, FAQ’s, Goal Sheets, SMART Goals

How to Select Doctor? How to Select Hospital? How to have a Trouble Free Pregnancy? What if there is a delay? Get all Answers and Checklists

Topics Covered

Establish Goals in 5 ares of LIFE before Pregnancy Begins...


Ensure that there are no RED FLAGS in Health Parameters before Conception


Wife should have a FIT Body for NATURAL BIRTH
Husband must Be FIT & Become FITNESS COACH for your WIFE


Wife needs to Establish a Personalized Diet PLAN
Husbands can identify Safe Food & Hotels to Eat for next 18 Months


Strategically Plan Maternity LEAVE
How can Husband Spend more time @ Home for the next 24 months


Understand how To be Financially Ready for Pregnancy & New Baby

WBP - Experts Poster

Get Organized

Guidance on 5 Pillars of Pregnancy Planning Viz, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Career, Finance

Support Wife

Understand What to Prioritize and How to support your Wife to get ready for Pregnancy

No Frills Guide

Straight to Point. Take Notes within this 50 Page Guide within 2 weekends you will have a Personalized Plan in place.

1st Time in INDIA
Husband's Guide for Pregnancy Planning

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